MonLines V001 VESA adapter for Sony Bravia

VESA Adapter for Sony Bravia

The MonLines V001 VESA adapter is specially made for Sony Bravia TVs. To make the Sony TV VESA-compliant, the adapter plate can be easily attached to the back of the screen using the supplied screws. Thanks to the VESA standard of 200 x 100 mm, the TV can now be attached to any compatible mount, such as a wall or ceiling mount. The design of the adapter is similar to the Sony VESA mount with part number B448584401.

Standardized VESA hole patterns facilitate the mounting of TVs and monitors. Customized adapters can be used to make Sony models that do not comply with the VESA standard compatible. Learn more about the VESA standard.


Suitable for the following Sony Bravia TVs:

Sony KDL-32W600A
Sony KDL-32W603A
Sony KDL-32W605A
Sony KDL-32W650A
Sony KDL-32W651A
Sony KDL-32W653A
Sony KDL-32W654A
Sony KDL-32W655A
Sony KDL-32W656A
Sony KDL-32W700B
Sony KDL-32W705B
Sony KDL-32W706B
Sony KDL-42W650A
Sony KDL-42W651A
Sony KDL-42W653A
Sony KDL-42W654A
Sony KDL-42W655A
Sony KDL-42W656A
Sony KDL-42W700B
Sony KDL-42W705B
Sony KDL-42W706B
Sony KDL-42W805B
Sony KDL-42W815B
Sony KDL-42W817B
Sony KDL-42W828B
Sony KDL-42W829B
Sony KDL-50W650A
Sony KDL-50W655A
Sony KDL-50W656A
Sony KDL-50W685A
Sony KDL-50W800B
Sony KDL-50W805B
Sony KDL-50W815B
Sony KDL-50W817B
Sony KDL-50W828B
Sony KDL-50W829B


  • Easy mounting process
  • Mounting hardware included

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