MonLines V031 VESA adapter for Samsung SyncMaster

VESA adapter for Samsung SyncMaster

To ensure VESA compliance for various Samsung SyncMaster monitors, the MonLines V031 VESA adapter is the right choice. By quick and easy screw assembly, you can replace the monitor stand with the adapter plate. The 100 x 100 mm VESA pattern now enables you to attach the screen to a monitor mount of the same size. The adapter is suitable for a great variety of Samsung models.

VESA-compatible flat screens are equipped with a uniform hole pattern on their backs for attachment to table, ceiling or wall mounts. If you have a TV or monitor without appropriate mounting holes, a specially tailored adapter plate can be used. Learn more about the VESA standard.


Suitable for the following Samsung SyncMaster models

2032NW, 2232BW, 2232GW
B2230, B2230H, B2230HD
B2330, B2330H, B2330HD
B2430H, B2430HD
BX2031, BX2231, BX2331, BX2431
P2370HD, P2570HD
P2770FH, P2770H, P2770HD
S19B150N, S19C150F
S20A300B, S20A350B, S20B300B, S20B350H, S20C300BL, S20D300H
S22A100N, S22A300B, S22A350H, S22B150N, S22B300B, S22B300H, S22B350H, S22C150N, S22C300H, S22C350H, S22D300HY, S22D300NY
S23A300B, S23A350H, S23A700D, S23B300B, S23B350H, S23B550V, S23C350H, S23C570H
S24A300B, S24A350H, S24B150BL, S24B300EL, S24B300HL, S24B350HL, S24C300HL, S24C350HL, S24C570HL, S24D300H, S24D300HL
S27A350H, S27B350H, S27B550V, S27C350H, S27C500H, S27C570H
T24B350ND, T24C550ND
T27A300, T27B350ND


  • Easy mounting after the stand is removed
  • Mounting hardware included

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