Hidden TV lifts

An electric TV lift brings you television comfort in many ways: At the simple push of a button, the TV set can be raised or lowered to the desired eye level at any time. Built-in TV lifts are integrated into cupboards, cabinets, kitchen counters or ceilings. When not in use, the screen can always be discreetly concealed.

MonLines offers build-in TV lift solutions that are suitable for homes as well as for conference rooms, universities and much more. You are able to adjust the devices steplessly and silently by remote control. They also impress with their high load capacity, which allows the mounting of larger screens. With their simple design, MonLines products fit seamlessly into most interiors.

Flexible MonLines solutions

MonLines hidden TV lifts are equipped with powerful electric motors that are subject to strict quality control measures. In addition, the robust metal construction provides durability and longevity. Thanks to the included mounting hardware and assembly instructions, installation is quick and easy.

We also offer custom-made products especially for your demand as a one-off or series production. Our range includes many other innovative solutions such as monitor mounts, CPU mounts, display pillars, transport cases, video walls and VESA adapters.

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